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At ENB Consult we assist future aspiring international students in two ways, one, we offer the necessary resources on our website to help you apply to universities abroad and scholarships by yourself and the second is our step by step real time guidance from our consultants and where we do the application on your behalf.

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YouTube Resources

We have curated and continue to curate video resources where we give guidance on how to apply to different Chinese Schools and Schools. We do these applications step by step and share how to so you can do it yourself.


Chinese Scholarships

China has 5 main Scholarships available:

  1. Chinese Scholarship Council

  2. Local Government Scholarship

  3. Confucius Institute Scholarship

  4. School Scholarship

  5. Enterprise Scholarships

You can apply for any of these as long as you meet the requirements, We however recommend that applicants try out the CSC Scholarship application directly via schools for masters and PhD appications.

Modern Minimal Question Answer Notificat
Application to CSC Scholarship via Unive


CSC Scholarship 

To be able to apply for this scholarship, we have compressed the information into this pdf so you know all that you need. Note however that some schools might have more requirements and you would have to go through their website to get all the necessary information. Here is a pdf with all the universities under CSC.



Before you even start applying to any university in China, we suggest you apply for a passport your good conduct certificate. 

List of important links and forms are given below: